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Date: 2nd Aug

In case you haven't realized you are leaving good money on the table.

Your website has a hidden gold mine, you just haven't found it yet.

Sure you add all kinds of PPC ads, other forms of contextual ads like Google adsense and even other pictorial ads like The Explainer Guys, but what if I told you that you can do better...

Do you have a website in a real focused niche?

Have you noticed that many of the PPC ad networks don't have ads that are relevant to your sites target audience?

I mean like imagine having a site that's about dog grooming and the ads that are displayed are for dog training.

What are the chances of a visitor clicking such an Ad?


Do you have a website that uses Google adsense to monetize the website traffic and hate Google's pain in the a** policy of not allowing other PPC ads on the same page?


"Imagine being able to instantly monetize any kind of of site, whether its a blog, a forum, an article directory or even an ebook with just 2 minutes of work, without having either your own product or membership to any PPC network"



Presenting Context Ads Pro



Context Ads Pro is a PHP script that you simply install on one of your web sites and then it

Scans your web page for keywords predefined by you
Automatically converts these keywords present in the web page into affiliate links of your choice, dynamically, as the page loads up in the viewer's browser without any extra effort on your part
These links when clicked send the visitor to the affiliate program you specified


"Simply Copy Paste The Code Context Ads Pro Provides You
To Turn This Un-monetized Page..."


"Into A Page
With Dozens Of Your Money Grabbing Affiliate Links..."

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"Stop Giving Away Valuable Traffic For Cents
When You Could Easily Be Making Dollars"

Are you a guy who made a ton of money from adsense? Well I'm one of them too, and the reason I made that kind of money was coz I blended my ads to look like regular links. Of course Google does add the "Ads by google" and "advertize on this site" links that make people know that they are ads.

Context ads Pro converts your keywords into links that don't look like affiliate links and so get clicked more often...

Now each click gives you the potential to earn say 50 bucks compared to the 5 cents that adsense would have paid you, and best of all...

You can use both Adsense and Context Ads Pro together!

So now you get the best of both worlds


"Are You An Avid Blogger Who Wants
To Earn $$$ From Your Blog Posts ?"

Context Ads Pro Works with WordPress, Blogger, Tyepad, Joomla and all other Blogging and CMS software

Well, guess what! Context Ads Pro can do that for you.

So whether you use Wordpress or any other blogging software, simply add the code that Context Ads Pro provides you to the blog template and you are set.

Any blog posts that you make in the future get automatically monetized.

So if any of the keywords that you define earlier are present in your blog post; Bam! they are instantly converted into affiliate links!



7 Compelling Reasons
Why Context Ads Pro Is
THE Way to Monetize Your Traffic

The generated ads look like regular links on your site and so get a much higher click through rate than regular PPC ads.

Can be used along with Google Adsense ads or any other PPC program, unlike other PPC ads which cannot be used along with Google adsense.

Opens links in new windows so your visitors don't leave your site unlike other PPC ads that drive traffic away from your site.

Generated links are cloaked affiliate links so cant be recognized by your visitors

The links are dynamic which means that only your human visitors see them, so your Pagerank is conserved

You can add or delete keyword that you want to be converted into affiliate links without touching the HTML code of your existing pages that already have the Context Ads Pro code in them

Compatible with any kind of webpage be it HTML ,CGI, PHP,CFM,JSP or ASP



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  See Context Ads Pro
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